Best Restaurants in Kampala

Khana Khazana Restaurant

$$$$ 20 Acacia Avenue Kololo, , Kampala
Indian Asian Fine dining
Khana Khazana is an Indian restaurant located in the heart of Kampala, the capital of Uganda; where this charming restaurant stands amidst the hustle and bustle of the big city, with many tourists and multi-ethnic locals. A cuisine that perfectly respects the emblem of Indian culinary culture, with its typical dishes and those unmistakable smells of spices, which bring you back there. The restaurant looks elegant, with light colours, in a place that recalls traditions, thanks also to the wisdom of its chefs, directly from the Asian continent, who, thanks to their experiences, bring a bit of India to Kampala.

Mediterraneo Restaurant

$$ 31 John Babiha Avenue, , Kampala
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic Pizzeria
Mediterraneo Restaurant is a treasure in Kampala's dining scene, providing an authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine taste. The restaurant is well-known for its authentic dishes, cosy ambience, and warm hospitality, making it a popular choice for locals and visitors. Mediterraneo offers a diverse menu that encapsulates the essence of Italian and Mediterranean gastronomy. The dishes range from flavorful antipasti to hearty pasta, fresh seafood, and succulent meat dishes. Standout items on the menu include the "Ravioli Ricotta e Spinaci," homemade ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, and the "Bistecca Fiorentina," a Tuscan-style T-bone steak grilled to perfection. Topped with fresh seafood, the "Frutti di Mare" pizza is another must-try. Mediterraneo boasts an inviting, cosy ambience that mirrors the warm spirit of Mediterranean hospitality. The decor is rustic and charming, featuring exposed brick walls, wooden furniture, and vintage Italian posters, transporting guests to a quaint Italian trattoria. The restaurant offers outdoor seating in a beautiful garden setting, where diners can enjoy their meal surrounded by lush greenery. By day, it's a tranquil spot for a leisurely lunch; by night, the dimmed lighting and candles create a romantic and intimate setting.

The Hickory

$$ Plot 11 Ngabo Rd, , Kampala
European Casual Dining
Positioned as one of Kampala's premier dining destinations, The Hickory offers a fusion of modern global cuisine with a distinctive local touch. The restaurant is acclaimed for its innovative food approach and stylish and contemporary setting. The menu at The Hickory showcases the beauty of international cuisine with a unique Ugandan flair. The chefs at the restaurant have masterfully crafted dishes that draw inspiration from different global culinary traditions but are firmly rooted in local flavours. Standout dishes include the "Hickory Signature Steak," a prime beef cut marinated and grilled to perfection, and the "Seafood Paella," a fragrant and flavorful Spanish dish adapted with local seafood. Vegetarian and vegan options are plentiful and creative, such as the "Quinoa and Avocado Salad" and the "Eggplant and Zucchini Stack." The Hickory exudes a stylish atmosphere that aligns perfectly with its modern culinary ethos. The interior features a contemporary design, elegant furnishings, modern art pieces, and an open kitchen that lets guests witness the magic behind the scenes.

Mythos Greek Taverna And Lounge

$$ Plot 18 Impala Road, , Kampala
Greek Mediterranean Casual Dining Ethnic
Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge stands as a beacon of authentic Greek cuisine in the heart of Kampala. Offering a wide range of traditional Greek dishes and an atmosphere reminiscent of a Mediterranean taverna, Mythos delivers its diners an enticing slice of Greece. At Mythos, the menu is a celebration of Greek culinary tradition. From succulent meats grilled to perfection to a variety of fresh seafood and an array of delightful vegetarian options, there's something to cater to every palate. Among the standout dishes are the "Moussaka," a layered casserole of eggplant, potatoes, and minced meat topped with béchamel sauce, and the "Souvlaki," skewered and grilled cubes of beef served with tzatziki sauce. The "Spanakopita," a classic Greek spinach and feta pie, offers a delicious vegetarian alternative. During the day, the restaurant is bathed in natural light, offering a laid-back setting for leisurely lunches. Come evening, the soft lighting and the sound of Greek music in the background transform the space into a romantic hotspot, perfect for a charming dinner date or a relaxed night out with friends.

The Spice Junction (China Bowl)

$$ 1st Floor, Hotel Millennium Terrace, Opposite Alliance Francaise, Plot 39 Bukoto St, , Kampala
Chinese Indian Asian Casual Dining
The Spice Junction in Kampala is a destination for authentic Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine. Highly regarded for its rich and diverse menu, the restaurant provides a harmonious blend of traditional recipes with a modern twist. At The Spice Junction, diners can embark on a journey through the culinary traditions of India and the Indo-Chinese region. The menu features a wide range of delicacies, from the rich flavours of North Indian curries to the delicate balance of flavours in South Indian dosas and the fiery zest of Indo-Chinese dishes. Noteworthy dishes include the "Butter Chicken," a creamy and flavorful North Indian classic, and the "Masala Dosa," a crispy South Indian pancake filled with spiced potato. The "Chilli Chicken," a popular Indo-Chinese stir-fry dish, is another must-try. During the day, the restaurant is a popular spot for business lunches and casual catch-ups, filled with natural light and a buzz of activity. The atmosphere becomes more intimate in the evenings, with soft lighting and gentle background music, making it an ideal place for a romantic dinner or family gathering.

Piato Restaurant

$$ Plot 20 Lumumba Ave, , Kampala
African International Casual Dining Family Style
Located in the bustling heart of Kampala, Piato Restaurant is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. It stands out for its wide-ranging menu that offers a harmonious blend of continental, Indian, and traditional African cuisine. The culinary delights at Piato are as varied as they are delicious. Its continental offerings range from "Grilled Beef Steak" to "Chicken Cordon Bleu," while the Indian section of the menu boasts classics like "Chicken Tikka Masala" and "Chana Masala." The restaurant's Ugandan dishes are particularly noteworthy, providing an authentic taste of the local cuisine. "Luwombo," a traditional Ugandan stew, and "Matoke," a staple dish made from bananas, are just some of the local delicacies you can enjoy here. Piato Restaurant boasts an atmosphere that is both comfortable and inviting. The decor balances modernity and tradition, with warm tones and African art pieces creating a cosy and homely setting.


$$ Plot 12 Phillip Road, , Kampala
Lebanese Middle Eastern Persian Premium Casual
Nestled in the heart of Kampala, Pardis is renowned for its authentic Persian cuisine. Drawing from the rich culinary traditions of Iran, the restaurant offers diners a unique journey into the flavorful and aromatic world of Persian gastronomy. Pardis provides an array of traditional Persian dishes, renowned for their delicate blend of spices, dried fruits, and choice meats. The menu is a balanced fusion of hearty meat dishes, fresh vegetarian offerings, and light seafood. Notable dishes include the "Ghormeh Sabzi," a hearty stew of herbs, kidney beans, and meat, and the "Zereshk Polo ba Morgh," a fragrant dish of chicken served with rice studded with tart barberries. The "Kashk-e-Bademjan," a rich and creamy eggplant dip, is a must-try for vegetarian guests. The atmosphere at Pardis is relaxed and inviting. The decor combines traditional Persian elements with modern touches, resulting in an authentic and contemporary space. Warm lighting, ornate Persian rugs, and artwork provide a sense of Middle Eastern charm.

Izumi Restaurant & Lounge

$$ 38 Upper Kololo Terrace, , Kampala
Japanese Asian Thai Casual Dining Ethnic
Located in the heart of Kampala, Izumi Restaurant & Lounge is renowned for offering authentic Asian cuisine, with a particular emphasis on Thai and Japanese dishes. Combining modern culinary techniques with traditional flavours, Izumi provides a dining experience that is both familiar and innovative. Izumi's menu is a delightful exploration of Asian cuisine. From sushi rolls to Thai curries, the menu is diverse and caters to various tastes. The sushi menu is impressive, with options ranging from classic nigiri to inventive fusion rolls. Essential dishes include the "Prawn Tempura Roll," a delicious blend of prawn, avocado, and sushi rice, and the "Green Curry," a Thai classic, available with chicken, beef, or tofu. Izumi also offers a range of Teppanyaki dishes, prepared live for diners in an open kitchen, adding a dash of theatricality to the dining experience. The ambience of the restaurant varies throughout the day. It's a popular spot for a casual lunch during the daytime, offering a relaxed and light-filled space. As the evening sets in, Izumi transforms into a more intimate and sophisticated venue, perfect for a romantic dinner or a get-together with friends.

7 Hills Revolving Restaurant

$$ 77 Yusuf Lule Road, , Kampala
International European Premium Casual
Perched atop the Golf Course Hotel, the 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant is a unique dining destination in Kampala. Known for its rotating floor, this upscale establishment offers diners an unmatched 360-degree view of the city's beautiful landscape and an array of exquisite dishes from around the globe. 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant prides itself on its diverse menu, bringing together flavours from different corners of the world. From succulent steaks to fresh seafood and various local and international cuisines, the restaurant offers something to satisfy every palate. Some standout dishes include the "Pan-Seared Nile Perch," showcasing the best of Uganda's freshwater fish, and the "Beef Fillet Mignon," a classic Western dish perfectly prepared. The menu also features a variety of vegetarian options, ensuring everyone can find something they'll enjoy. The restaurant's crowning glory is undoubtedly its revolving floor. Over an hour, diners enjoy a full panoramic view of Kampala city's beautiful skyline, seven hills, and the lush greenery of the golf course below. Whether you're dining during the day or at night, the changing views add an element of excitement and romance to the dining experience.

Ashiana Restaurant

$$ Plot No. 32 Hunter Avenue, Bandali Rise, , Kampala
Indian Asian Casual Dining Family Style
Ashiana Restaurant is a popular culinary gem in the heart of Kampala, celebrated for its authentic Indian cuisine. Known for its focus on traditional flavours and fresh ingredients, Ashiana offers a compelling journey into the rich and diverse world of Indian gastronomy. Ashiana's menu is a testament to India's vast and varied culinary traditions. With dishes representing the country's various regions, the menu offers a balance of classic favourites and innovative creations. Notable dishes include the "Lamb Rogan Josh," a sumptuous Kashmiri delicacy of slow-cooked lamb in a richly spiced gravy, and the "Chicken Tikka Masala," a universally loved dish featuring marinated chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. The "Paneer Butter Masala" and the "Dal Makhani" are excellent choices for vegetarians. During the day, the restaurant is filled with natural light, offering a pleasant setting for a casual lunch. As evening sets in, the restaurant takes on a more intimate and cosy atmosphere, with ambient lighting and soft Indian music in the background, making it ideal for a romantic dinner or a family gathering.

La Cabana Restaurant

$$$ Speke Apartments, Wampewo Ave, , Kampala
Indian Brazilian Casual Dining
La Cabana Restaurant, situated in the vibrant city of Kampala, is often heralded as Uganda's premium steakhouse. Renowned for its sumptuous meat dishes, fresh seafood, and inviting atmosphere, La Cabana offers guests an unforgettable dining experience that celebrates a fusion of culinary traditions. As Kampala’s premier steakhouse, La Cabana prides itself on its extensive selection of carefully selected meats. This includes locally sourced, expertly aged beef cuts alongside a diverse range of international offerings such as Brazilian Churrasco BBQ, Argentinean parilla, and Indian clay oven specialities. Their seafood selection is equally impressive, with offerings like the "Grilled Lobster" and "Prawn Masala" being standout favourites. The menu also caters to vegetarians, with dishes like the "Vegetable Sizzler" and "Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms" providing delightful alternatives to the meat-heavy offerings.

Asian Fusion Restaurant

$$$$ Plot 3 Kafu Rd, , Kampala
Chinese Indian Asian Casual Dining
Established in 2001, Asian Fusion Restaurant & Bar has served top-rated Indian and Chinese food for over ten years. Newly renovated and boasting uniquely designed spaces that meet your taste, whether you join us with your family or for a cool cocktail with friends. What matters to us is that you vibe with our zen and relaxed ambience, surrounded by nature. Our dishes are carefully crafted, and our in-house Chefs are always looking for new ways to tantalize your taste buds. We believe in using only the freshest ingredients from local farmers who bring them from their fields straight to our doorstep. Each dish is carefully designed by our chefs, assuring you both a tasty and healthy culinary experience.

The Lawns

$$$$ 3A Lower Kololo Terrace Rd, , Kampala
International Fine dining
The Lawns blends cityscape and golf course views with lush tropical gardens, offering food selected from across the continent and fused with local ingredients to create fusion delights. We want you to feel warm and welcome as you enjoy our speciality preparations of various meat options, including venison entrees. We invite you to relax, enjoy and let our gardens, decor, food and wine take you to the countryside!

Cafe Pap

$$$$ 13B Parliament Avenue Amadinda House, , Kampala
International Casual Dining Family Style
Cafe Pap is known for its calm and serene atmosphere, located in the heart of the bustling city of Kampala. It's celebrated for its outdoor seating that offers views of some of the city's landmarks, making it an excellent spot for tourists and locals. Cafe Pap is also known for its diverse cuisine, serving various dishes from local Ugandan to international. Their menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options catering to different dietary preferences and needs. The café is renowned for the quality of its food and the excellent service its staff provides. The atmosphere of Cafe Pap has often been described as relaxing and comfortable, with a modern yet welcoming decor. It is known as an excellent place for people who need a quiet place to work but is also suitable for informal social gatherings. The music is typically low, allowing for conversation, and the place has a cosy feel overall.


$$$$ Kololo Hill Dr, , Kampala
European Casual Dining Family Style
The Bistro in Kampala encompasses food, drink, good company and a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy. A typical location of the place made almost entirely of wood, a large, spacious terrace close to a beautiful large garden, the perfect place to eat and relax, sweeping away evil thoughts. On a large scale, European cuisine embraces different culinary cultures to unite everyone without displeasing anyone. The Bistro offers a long list of spirits, including ice-cold beers and acceptable wine labels, perfect for accompanying a lunch or dinner with friends.


$$$$ 14 Lower Kololo Terrace Rd, , Kampala
Asian Thai Premium Casual
With a legacy of over nine years, the renowned Tamarai restaurant is still home to the finest authentic Thai and Asian fusion cuisine in Kampala. With numerous awards, accolades and excellent critical reviews, we serve with pride from an extensive menu of traditional dishes and our chef’s particular recommendations—a cosy, casual and wondrous place. The staff is attentive, friendly and joyful, serving you with a lot of passion. They have different cuisines prepared by professional chefs. The food is delicious and mouth-watering. The place is good for groups and an evening date. It's spacious, and the surrounding environment is quiet.

Le Chateau

$$$$ American Embassy, Ggaba Road, Near, , Kampala
French European Casual Dining Family Style
Le Château Restaurant Belge is a 140-seater restaurant that has existed for over 20 years offering great ambience, mouth-watering Belgian and European Cuisine of the highest standard, and attentive service to deliver a faultless dining experience. For a truly memorable dining experience, cuisine and atmosphere are paired with thoughtfully prepared food and wines by the cream of the culinary class of Uganda.

Yujo Izakaya

$$$$ 36 Kyadondo Rd, , Kampala
Japanese Asian Casual Dining
A lovely Japanese restaurant in the heart of Kampala to give a different Japanese air, spreading its culture on the streets of the capital. Yujo Izakaya is a Japanese restaurant that offers the best that Japanese gastronomic culture can offer. We are talking about sushi, tempura, dumplings, ramen, soups and many other dishes that are part of the Japanese culinary scene. A straightforward, casual location reminiscent of Japanese homes, with a typically oriental style, which instils relaxation in diners in a perfect atmosphere to enjoy excellent food.

Bight Of Benin

$$$$ Plot 20 Kyadondo Rd, , Kampala
African Casual Dining Family Style
The Bight of Benin Restaurant is the premier destination in Kampala for delicious West African food. It is a child-friendly space, offering an expansive lawn and a playground. We have high chairs to seat your little ones close to you at the dining tables. Our restaurant takes its name from the coastline curve of West Africa called the Bight of Benin, situated within the broader Gulf of Guinea. We intend to provide samplings of the rich cuisine and culture from and familiar to the West African countries around the Bight – stretching from Cameroon to Cote d'Ivoire and beyond. We invite you to West Africa! Savour flavours from the Sahel, exotic dishes from the Savanna, hearty meals from the Tropical Rainforests, culinary delights, and tastes from the Mangroves of the coast.

Seven Seas At Sheraton Kampala

$$$$ Ternan Ave, , Kampala
International European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Seven Seas restaurant inside the Sheraton hotel in Kampala has luxurious decorations, and is comfortable and well-furnished. They are designed to provide a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience with attention to detail in every aspect, from lighting to furniture to table settings. The cuisine in the Seven Seas restaurant offers a high quality that satisfies various tastes. Depending on the specific restaurant, they might serve international dishes or specialize in a specific type of cuisine. Considering the name "Seven Seas", the restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood. The atmosphere in Sheraton restaurants is typically elegant and professional, making it suitable for business meetings and personal gatherings. The service is always attentive and discreet, reflecting the high standards of the Sheraton brand.
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